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Our sector experts offer their insights and client stories around the four pillars of chase.livestream: Digital, Leadership, Innovation and Culture.

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Three Dreamers

Once upon a time, in a land very close to home, there lived three dreamers. Here is a story of how Synergy made their dreams come true, by providing innovative digital and print marketing solutions. 

Technology is only part of the solution

The Soil Association are celebrating success as they recently went live with a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution. Discover why they believe people and partnership is the key to success.

Why the British Red Cross wants to carry on with their Covid-19 decision-making process 

Kerry Blackstock, Director of Supporter Marketing and Engagement at The British Red Cross, talks about their charity decision-making journey as part of their frontline response to Covid-19. 

Crawl, Walk Run

Rewind to chase.livestream to learn how the Art Fund is embracing technology and implementing cultural change to help them stay relevant now and in the future.

How do we rebuild our sector for the better?

How we rebuild the sector, taking on board the valuable learning’s, challenges and opportunities 2020 has given us. We need to make sure that effective decision making works not only for today, but sets us up for success, and thriving beyond 2020.

Our story of launching a CRM 
for 17 independent grant-making trusts during a global pandemic

Hear the story of how Sainsbury Family Charitable Trusts launched their CRM solution to 17 independent grant-making trusts during a global pandemic.

10 Steps to Online Community Success 

Feeling intimidated by the prospects of online community adoption by your organisation? Don’t know where to start? Fear not! You are only 10 steps away.

How future proofed are your payments? 

Many organisations have Direct Debit facilities which are outdated and unsupported. How future-proofed are your payments?

Live in the Time of Covid-19 

Replacing legacy technology within a tight timeframe is enough of a challenge. Throw in UK-wide and world-wide stakeholders and then COVID-19 mid-way through the project, impossible to manage. However, AIC used this as an opportunity to find better ways of doing things.

Creating new commercial opportunities through digital learning solutions and engaging platforms that increase member value

Watch this video and learn just what it takes to engage and develop your learners, and therefore drive your commercial goals and open up new revenue opportunities for your organisation.

How to get the most out of the tendering process from the supplier side 

Tendering is, for the best part, a necessary part of running your organisation well. Ensure it is approached comprehensively and find out what works well for membership organisations and charities when initiating tenders.

Learn how you can speed up your renewals process and create an increased level of engagement

In this blog Synergy, look at how the print and digital channels work in harmony to speed up the renewals process and increase member retention and engagement. They give an insight into both physical and digital renewal and welcome packs.