The Definitive Guide

chase.livesteam saw the launch of The Definitive Guide to showcase non-profits – plus plenty more – who have delivered successful projects and are reaping the business benefits.

At Hart Square we’re completely agnostic when it comes to the technology choices our non-profit clients make, but we’re deeply familiar with the options available to them.

What we’ve found over recent years is that whilst we’ve learnt and understood a lot about how approach the sector, this isn’t something which the sector as a whole has embraced to the extent we might expect.

We decided to dig a little further to make sure we’re able to give our clients best advice. That’s the genesis of the idea for this DefinitiveGuide, which is our overview of the proposition in 2020.

The success stories

Watch the videos below to explore how charities have embraced Salesforce, helping them to reach their goals. The Definitive Guide will showcase charities like these and many more.

Non-profit resources from

Check out some of the useful resources by, specifically created for non-profits: